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 Service may be intermittent on 19th January 2019 due to maintenance, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your interest in working for the London Borough of Bexley.  The latest 50 vacancies are shown below


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Latest Vacancies

Job TitleCategorySalaryPostedApplyFavourites
Frontline Consultant SW (Secondment)InternalTBC21/01Apply for Frontline Consultant SW (Secondment)
Governor Services OfficerExternal£20,667 - £30,108,per annum,pro rata21/01Apply for Governor Services Officer
Class Teacher - St Thomas More PrimarySchoolsTeacher Salary Scales (inc OLW)21/01Apply for Class Teacher - St Thomas More Primary
MDS - St Pauls (Slade Green) PrimarySchools£3,441 - £3,450 per annum21/01Apply for MDS - St Pauls (Slade Green) Primary
Teacher - Bursted Wood PrimarySchoolsTeacher Salary Scales (inc OLW)21/01Apply for Teacher - Bursted Wood Primary
Casual Interactive Play Leader-WoodsideSchools£10.59 - £10.62 per hour18/01Apply for Casual Interactive Play Leader-Woodside
Midday Supervisors - Shenstone SchoolSchools£10.59 per hour18/01Apply for Midday Supervisors - Shenstone School
Class Teacher - Woodside SchoolSchoolsTeacher Salary Scales (inc OLW)18/01Apply for Class Teacher - Woodside School
Caretaker - Bursted Wood PrimarySchools£13,668 - £13,985 per annum18/01Apply for Caretaker - Bursted Wood Primary
Vice Principal Service ManagerExternal£43,752 - £51,063 per annum (inclusive18/01Apply for Vice Principal Service Manager
Street Works Technical OfficerExternal£20,667 - £24.999 career grade + ECU18/01Apply for Street Works Technical Officer
Shared Lives CarersExternalTBC17/01Apply for Shared Lives Carers
Senior Customer AdvisorsInternal£20,667 - £22,425,per annum,pro rata17/01Apply for Senior Customer Advisors
Teaching Assistant - ShenstoneSchools£10.66 - £10.91 per hour17/01Apply for Teaching Assistant - Shenstone
Service Manager-CWDExternal - RF£57,675 - £65,59817/01Apply for Service Manager-CWD
KS1 Teacher-Holy Trinity CE PrimarySchoolsTeacher Salary Scales (inc OLW)17/01Apply for KS1 Teacher-Holy Trinity CE Primary
Payroll and HR Systems ManagerExternal£43,752 - £51,063 (inclusive of Choice17/01Apply for Payroll and HR Systems Manager
Site Manager - Holy Trinity CE PrimarySchools£22,956 - £24,999 per annum17/01Apply for Site Manager - Holy Trinity CE Primary
Curriculum & Quality ManagerExternal£34,833-£40,977 per annum17/01Apply for Curriculum & Quality Manager
English TutorExternal£30,367 - £34,983 per annum17/01Apply for English Tutor
Maths TutorExternal£30,367 - £34,983 per annum16/01Apply for Maths Tutor
Personal Advisor – Leaving Care TeamExternal£22,956 - £24,999 per annum16/01Apply for Personal Advisor – Leaving Care Team
L2 Apprenticeship in AccountancyExternal£ 7,845, per annum15/01Apply for L2 Apprenticeship in Accountancy
Learning Support Assistant -Days LaneSchools£ 7,502 per annum15/01Apply for Learning Support Assistant -Days Lane
Learning Support Assistant - Days LaneSchools£ 6,925 per annum15/01Apply for Learning Support Assistant - Days Lane
Assistant Head Teacher-Parkway PrimarySchoolsLeadership Salary Scales (inc OLW)14/01Apply for Assistant Head Teacher-Parkway Primary
Marketing OfficerExternal£24,999 to £27,342 per annum14/01Apply for Marketing Officer
Site Manager - Belvedere Junior SchoolSchools£22,956 - £24,999 per annum14/01Apply for Site Manager - Belvedere Junior School
Midday Supervisor-Bedonwell Junior SchSchools£2,674 - £2,681 per annum14/01Apply for Midday Supervisor-Bedonwell Junior Sch
Caretaker - Old Bexley C of E PrimarySchools£9,233 - £9,448 per annum14/01Apply for Caretaker - Old Bexley C of E Primary
Class Teacher - Shenstone SchoolSchoolsTeacher Salaries (inc. OLW)14/01Apply for Class Teacher - Shenstone School
Midday Supervisor - Belmont PrimarySchools£2,867 - £2,875 pa14/01Apply for Midday Supervisor - Belmont Primary
Site Manager - Foster's Primary SchoolSchools£22,596 - £24,999 per annum14/01Apply for Site Manager - Foster's Primary School
Relief MDS - Days Lane Primary SchoolSchools£ 10.59 per hour14/01Apply for Relief MDS - Days Lane Primary School
KS1/Lower KS2 Teacher - Foster'sSchoolsTeacher Salary Scales (inc. OLW)14/01Apply for KS1/Lower KS2 Teacher - Foster's
Cleaner - Upland Primary SchoolSchools£10.45 - £10.50 per hour14/01Apply for Cleaner - Upland Primary School
Class Teacher - Gravel Hill PrimarySchoolsTeacher Salary Scales (inc OLW)14/01Apply for Class Teacher - Gravel Hill Primary
General Practice SurveyorsExternal£41,205 - £48,069 (inc of Choices)11/01Apply for General Practice Surveyors
Midday Supervisor - St Paulinus PrimSchools£10.59 - £10.62 per hour11/01Apply for Midday Supervisor - St Paulinus Prim
Head of Professional StandardsExternalUp to £70,938 inc benefits11/01Apply for Head of Professional Standards
Social Worker – Looked after ChildrenExternal - RF£31,878 - £41,109 inc benefits11/01Apply for Social Worker – Looked after Children
Social Workers – Referral&AssessmentExternal - RF£31,878 - £41,109 inc benefits11/01Apply for Social Workers – Referral&Assessment
Caretaker - Foster's Primary SchoolSchools£9,476 - £9,696 per annum11/01Apply for Caretaker - Foster's Primary School
Sessional TutorsExternal£20.56 - £34.20 per hour dependent on11/01Apply for Sessional Tutors
Social Worker Family SupportExternal - RF£31,878 - £41,109 inc benefits11/01Apply for Social Worker Family Support
Project Support OfficerInternal£20,667 - £27,342. (Career grade)11/01Apply for Project Support Officer
ATM Referral & AssessmentExternal£41,370 - £47,211 inclusive of benefit11/01Apply for ATM Referral & Assessment
Social Worker-Children with DisabilitiesExternal - RF£31,878 - £41,109 inc benefits11/01Apply for Social Worker-Children with Disabilities
Finance Assistant - Beths Grammar SchoolSchools£20,667 - £22,425 per annum10/01Apply for Finance Assistant - Beths Grammar School
Class Teacher EYFS - Mayplace PrimarySchoolsTeacher Salary Scales (inc. OLW)10/01Apply for Class Teacher EYFS - Mayplace Primary

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